April 16, 2024

BMW M3 special edition for China, again

Somebody in China must be two things at the same time, one would be in the market for a special edition BMW M3 and the other would be not fast enough in getting his name down for one. This must be why the Bavarians are making another special edition of the BMW M3 which is

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BMW Tuning

BMW M3 Coupe from App Europe

The BMW M3 Coupe gets a new tuning package, I know that’s not big news since this car is so loved by tuning companies a new kit springs up once every two weeks or so but this one is a bit different. Firstly, it’s creators App Europe don’t advertise it as a fire breathing monster

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Ferrari Supercars

Ferrari’s take on the role of hybrids

Due to tightening emissions legislation, to political climate and to overall economics situations it is becoming harder and harder for traditional sports cars manufacturers to keep producing at their best focused capacity. These are the issues that are becoming an ever more problematic situation for manufacturers such as Ferrari.

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MG Zero Concept

Yet again, it’s the Beijing Motor Show that’s the event responsible for the announcement of this supermini concept car. MG, as we know, are owned by Chinese automotive manufacturer Nanjing so the launch being made here isn’t completely out of place.

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Honda is going to Terminate Civic Type R Sedan

Honda has just announced that come August 2010 the Sedan version of the Civic Type R will no longer be made. In order to even out this decision Honda has announced that they will the three-door Civic Type R Euro hatchback into Japan.

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