April 18, 2024

NASCAR vs. Formula 1: A Battle to be the Most Popular in the American Market

As Formula 1 grows in popularity in the United States of America, just like the best online casinos, arguments over which category of racing is better and which is more popular will increase. In motorsports, data is everything, and the data doesn’t lie. NASCAR is a privately owned company, so specific financial data is not

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Featured Porsche Videos

Video: 2017 Porsche 991 RSR Is a Real Beast

Following a spy video a couple of weeks ago which announced the arrival of the long-anticipated 2017 Porsche 991 RSR, the German based carmaker has released the racing car today during a private event, along with a video presentation, which highlights the car`s impressive styling and performance under the hood. The 2017 Porsche 911 RSR

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Auto Shows Ford

Ford Heads to SEMA with Fresh Batch of Prototypes

The 2016 SEMA show, taking place in Las Vegas, is opening its gates in a couple of weeks and Ford, as every major auto player in the industry, has prepared some special Focus and Fiesta prototypes to be displayed at the event. We are looking here at some one-off and exclusive Focus RS and Fiesta

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Citroen Concept Cars

Citroen DS3 R Cabrio

If you have been lately following the news regarding Citroen, you must have caught the presentation of their newest project, Citroen DS3 R Cabrio, a name we will often hear of, starting from now. This cabrio version of Citroen DS3 R will be, as the name suggests, a car with racing personality. So far, the

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Caterham introduces new affordable kart

Britain’s well known love affair with the race track is well known. Just in case we were close to forgetting it, they manage to remind us about it constantly. In the case of Caterham, they don’t have to talk to us too much about track days and performance since they’re almost always out there. With

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Acura NSX will go racing

Tony Stark swapped the Audi R8 for the upcoming Acura NSX. Now, as a road car, that’s certainly a better car when it comes to impressing people. It’s more modern, sharper, has more nerd appeal and can even be more sexy when it comes down to pulling up outside a trendy restaurant or red carpet

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2013 Dodge Viper SRT GTS-R specs announced

Like the original back in the day, the 2013 Dodge Viper SRT will have to establish itself on many fronts, all of which have something to do with stunning performance and looks. There’s no denying that the new American supercar looks the part, even Ferrari’s CEO approves, but will it stack up when it comes

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Ford Muscle Cars

2013 Ford Racing Mustang unveiled

The 2013 Ford Mustang is pretty nice, the new Shelby version is downright awesome and the entire lineup has Chevy trembling. Still, the Mustang is so popular it could always have more tuners than that. Before we even get to the private ones or the backstreet shops, Ford Racing have decided to announce their own

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Nissan backs DeltaWing racer for Le Mans

The DeltaWing racer is an interesting concept for a motor sport presence except for a while now it’s been regarded as a left field idea and few were interested. Things have changed today as Nissan have announced that they will be backing this new racing car in an effort that will ultimately bring them to

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Lotus send Evora GTE and Exige racing

The British car makers don’t seem to get the idea that motor racing costs money. They’re all taking place in these sports and trying to get more customers in their showroom. Now, Aston Martin is doing well enough to afford it, Jaguar is backing off the efforts and the guys over at Lotus, starved of

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Citroen DS4 Racing announced

The French have had quite the success story with their DS3 model and the Racing version has created quite the stir among journalists and reviewers. With that in mind, why not created a bigger brother? The DS4 is already out and winning car of the year awards all over Europe whereas Citroen have just come

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Ferrari confirms 458 FIA GT1 entry

The Italians love car races and Ferrari’s legacy is built on car racing, but for a while now they seem to have stuck as neatly as possible to Formula 1. Privateer teams have had their fun but at a minimal level. This year round however, things are going to change as the latest announcement just

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2012 Honda Civic gets WTCC racing version

With the latest version of the Civic just hitting the market, Honda have decided to make it a little more attractive to potential buyers. They’ve decided to do this in the best possible way around, namely racing it round tracks for our entertainment. The new model will take part in the WTCC round up. The

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MG announces entry into this year’s BTCC

MG used to be a great car maker a very long time ago. They used to be a mediocre one a not so long time ago and up until last year they even used to not be. Since the Chinese have bought the MG brand, factory, so on and so forth, the recently introduced MG

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Ford Muscle Cars

Ford Racing unveiled Mustang Boss 302SX concept

Ford Racing has just unveiled a new version of the Mustang, one that’s called the Boss 302SX concept. The Ford Mustang certainly isn’t familiar to failure, regardless of it being on the track or in real world so this model is a little weird. Not because Ford Racing created it and made it what it

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BMW Land Rover

Range Rover Evoque to hit the Dakar with BMW help

Land Rover is a company that built its reputation on off-road paths, races and ideas but currently they offer a great deal more than that with the Range Rover lineup. After quite some time away as a team without genuine British pluck, Range Rover is going to return to the big leagues of the Dakar

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CLP Automotive churns out a race ready BMW M3

Just in case you feel like BMW doesn’t make a car that’s not racy or uncomfortable enough CLP automotive is ready to provide just such a conversion for the M3. Consisting of a new special widebody kit, a BMW specific racing livery and a serious amount of technical updates, the point of this creation is

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Porsche Videos

Porsche 911 GT1 successor coming in 2014

With the R18 TDI winning the 2011 Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race, the Germans at Audi clocked up 10 total victories at the famed French event. A state of general pride and joy went spiraling through most of the VW family. The only possible exception being the step sister company Porsche. Porsche hold several

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Mini Tuning

JCW takes Mini Coupe Endurance Racing at the Nurburgring

Well, now this is what I’d call it when a company means business with it’s new coupe sports model they launched just days ago. The 2012 Mini Coupe’s pictures are still so fresh the paint may run on the fingers of those who hold them to admire the British fun machine. Despite that, there’s no

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A very rare 1979 BMW M1 Art Car is going to be auctioned

To some, every BMW out there is very special but in this case there’s no fan boy message attached, we’re talking about a person with deep pockets who will soon have a chance at some rarefied Bavarian air. This rarefied air will be the one inside a unique 1979 BMW M1 Art Car. The vehicle

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