July 24, 2024
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Which is Best, Front or Rear Wheel Drive?

Introduction It must be said that the number of Rear Wheel Drive cars on the market today is dwarfed by the number of Front Wheel drive models. One of the reasons for this is that FWD cars are cheaper to build. Plus you can cram more into the available space because there is no drive

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Other News

R&D Factory to Launch a New TVR Model in Couple of Years

The famous TVR automaker is going through some hard times as it is struggling to survive by building a new factory that would revive the company`s sales along with the manufacturing of a new model, after the Sagaris model being a failure one. The Autocar publication states that the new center being built in the

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Alfa Romeo Mazda

Official: Mazda MX-5 will become an Alfa Romeo

Not since the days of the Axis have people gotten so excited about a collaboration between the Italians and the Japanese. A new such collaboration was achieved officially and it’s better than before. Fortunately for everybody, world domination isn’t really part of the discussion this time. It’s actually domination of the compact sports car segment.

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Kia K9 renamed Quoris for external markets

Oh how we laughed at the Koreans from Kia when they announced that their new rear wheel drive, luxury flagship model and it looked like a knock off BMW. And boy how we laughed when we found out they were going to name it K9, particularly as that’s a way used by people to refer

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Frankfurt Motor Show preview: Kia’s sports sedan

All the excitement from Pebble Beach in the form of Infinti’s new JX crossover and Cadillac’s Ciel Concept has a bit of a rival in a new preview from the Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s coming from the Koreans and it could be the start of something special, a Kia four door sports sedan. Not only

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BMW’s i3, one hot electric car

The i3 may be an electric vehicle that’s meant to be eco friendly and save the world but underneath it’s still got fiery BMW sports car DNA. This shines through in a recent announcement we got regarding the BMW i3 and its drivetrain layout, one that has a special resonance with petrolheads.

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Giuseppe Merosi Design Study makes me… drool

Now, seriously, I’m a big sucker for Alfa Romeo. I love the Italian brand’s history, its willingness not to follow the herd and its image. To me, Alfa Romeos are the sort of things that makes me dream at night and hang posters during the day.

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Classics Ferrari

1963 Ferrari 250 GTO worth nearly 20 million dollars

This title is not fake, while most of us still haven’t managed to make it of the recession properly others are able to spend immense amounts of money on classic cars. The classic in question this time is a gorgeous 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO  and the price tag placed on it comes in at nearly

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Special pricing for the Lexus F-Sport Accesories

Thinking of a gift for your Lexus this summer? Well June through July, Lexus will offer special pricing for three packages that target owners of IS models and the rear-wheel-drive GS350. Further more, according to the Japanese company the savings aren’t what you’d call negligible as they reach hundreds of dollars.

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Concept Cars Electric Cars

Photos and details about the I.DE.A Institute Sofia Concept

This is probably the coolest concept that I have seen this year (until now). You may wonder why I like this concept so much or what I like at this concept so much and I can answer to you with two words: the shapes. This car has very fine shapes and with that red color,

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