April 22, 2024

Mercedes B Class will soon offer seven seats

The three pointed star is pondering away in its Stuttgart armchair about ways to once again rise to the top of the luxury market. Whereas Audi and BMW seem to be locked together in a fight of better interiors, sporty models and exciting technology, Mercedes seem to have a different idea. Their latest attempt at

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2013 Infiniti lineup gets a few updates

The summer of 2012 is going to bring a lot of 2013 model years to the Infiniti lineup . Don’t think that all the changes are limited to the model year and pricing. Nissan’s luxury arm plans to make quite a lot of changes to the lineup and it seems they’ve looked at most aspects

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Volkswagen are working on a Seven Seater SUV

In the world of soccer moms and school runs, few things are more important than the combination between the SUV and seven seats. A bit late to the game, Volkswagen is reportedly finally working on just such a behemoth.

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Ford C-Max 7 seat version to be built in Valencia

After an announcement came in yesterday from Ford concerning the company’s first hybrid and plugin hybrid models to be made at their plant in Valencia we have another snippet concerning the same production facility. That same plant in Spain will produce two versions of the new Ford C-MAX compact minivans that will be launched in

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