June 15, 2024
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Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson accused of dropping an N-bomb

The Daily Mirror caused quite a stir recently, after accusing Top Gear presenter and famous journalist Jeremy Clarkson of being racist. If we are to believe the Mirror, Clarkson used the taboo n-word during the filming of a Top Gear episode. The response from the journalist was quick, as was the reaction of both his

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Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond fined in France

If we are to talk about world renowned and even respected car news presenters, then the guys from Top Gear could be considered somewhat the authority. And as much as we might like their reviews and test drives, one thing that always draws us back to their show is all the shenanigans they are up

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Top Gear Russia making official photos with Mazda3 Sedan to leak

Mazda3 has been under the spotlights for quite a while. While time was passing by and no photo with the new unit completely undressed was showing, we were all getting nervous. The much expected an praised event however too place thanks to the guys from Top Gear Russia, who unveiled the first official snapshots with

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World’s fastest lawnmower by Honda and Top Gear

If you know the Top Gear show, than you are familiar with some of their more ludicrous projects that are born from the minds of the three co-hosts. But while most are just rubbish with only an entertaining value to them, they do, on occasion, get involved into some projects that, while still largely insane,

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Caterham R500 Superlight reaches the end of the line

Possibly the most modern and best performing quintessentially British car is going to exit its short life in production. I’m speaking of the Caterham R500 Superlight.

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Toyota Hilux proves itself again

A world wide renown pickup truck since the first time it was made, the Toyota Hilux has always had workplaces in some of the toughest conditions known to man. Whether they carry Top Gear‘s crew to the North Pole, run down Australia’s Outback or ferry guerilla forces against the UN Armies the Hilux has become

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Noble Videos

Video: Noble M600 test at Top Gear

Even the car isn’t equipped with some popular features like climatronic, without satellite navigation, no ABS or ESP systems are available for Noble’s supercar. Shortcomings that many seem unthinkable for a car of the 21st century, but for fans of super-sports car is nothing. Otherwise, the Noble M600 won’t be here. Or, at least, not

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