May 24, 2024

US version of Volkswagen Passat gets a new sales record

It wasn’t that long ago that Volkswagen fans got a hold of news that the German company is developing something called the NMS. The New Mid-size Sedan looked remarkably like the Passat but it was to receive various changes for the American market. In other words, they were going to make it worse. In order

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Cadillac Converj rumored to be production ready

Cadillac’s hunt for new age designed, edgy models seems to rarely stop in concept form so their announcement to make another one a production car is just confirmation of their desire to get back on top. Well at least that’s what the marketing department would have you believe when speaking about the rumor of how

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Some tech info on the next Quattroporte

The road opener for super fast saloons, the Maserati Quattroporte, is soon to come to life within a new version. And some information on that particular, eagerly anticipated, replacement is what we’ve got right now.

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A seven seater version of the Mini Countryman?

Some reports say that this is not just a random thought but a fact on one of the next projects BMW have undertaken at Mini. With a seven seat layout in mind i’m expecting the car to grow quite a lot but officials have found a way to say it will be slightly bigger.

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New Chevrolet Captiva LTZ version for UK Market

The British are getting a new top of the line model for the Chevrolet Captiva and it’ll get a trim-level name that’s quite often found on the stateside Chevrolet cars. The Chevrolet Captiva LTZ version will powered by a 2 liter turbo diesel engine producing 150 horsepower matted to either a five-speed manual or automatic transmission.

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Chrysler Hyundai

Hyundai ends rumors of Ram based pickup

The recent rumor in circulation about Hyundai’s intentions on a full sized pickup based around the Dodge Ram have been put to sleep by the Korean company itself. In a recent announcement, the South Korean-based automaker firmly denied the story through an official statement made by the company’s U.S. division.

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Mercedes Benz E Class long wheel base launched

Another launch from the Beijing Auto Show revealed the long wheel base version of the 2009 Mercedes E Class. The latest addition in terms of options to Mercedes W212 lineup features a simple figure being changed, the length of the car has grown by five and a half inches.

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