May 21, 2024

The 2011 Lotus Elise S is the answer

2011 Lotus Elise S

Well at least when it comes to fuel economy it is, the latest offering from Norfolk has been rated at 46.7 mpg highway upon testing in the EU cycle. This figure is not that impressive when compared to a new generation hybrid or even certain diesel engines but none of those can offer the same performance.

2011 Lotus Elise S
2011 Lotus Elise S

While lightweight has always been part of the Lotus philosophy but the new 1.6 liter Elise S shows the world that a car can do almost anything. Well as the E.U. has established it is very economical but it is also very fast as that 1.6 liter engine will develop 136 horsepower that is enough to take it from 0 to 60 mph in just six seconds.

The new aerodynamics of the front nose is set to help with the economy as well as top speed and in the end all you get from this car will be the immense satisfaction of the Lotus handling and less tax as it only produces 149 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer in a combined cycle.

“Simplify and add lightness” is well and truly applied in the Lotus Elise S as it only weighs in at 1931 lbs. Well this car pretty much does everything a normal user would want, well maybe except for practicality as it can’t really help you pick up your in laws and their luggage from the airport can it?

2011 Lotus Elise S 2011 Lotus Elise S 2011 Lotus Elise S

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