April 18, 2024
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Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion introduced in Paris

Volkswagen’s Paris Motor Show stand was filled with Golf variations this year. The majority of folks would say that the GTI “Study” is the most important one out there, but I’ve grown a little older. It’s not that I don’t think the GTI is going to be a spectacular model, it’s just that I think

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Mazda Takeri Concept to feature i-ELOOP

Mazda is a Japanese company that doesn’t seem to follow the trends. They take their time and they tend to do things right. Which is something both good and wrong, as Mazda’s brilliant products sometime go unnoticed but good because they’re some of the cheapest ones around. Their latest innovation for the “average” car comes

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Nissan will take it slow with the Titan

Nissan didn’t get anything out of the immense full-size pickup segment of the U.S. market as their offering, the Titan, turned out to be much of a flop. Despite this, Nissan’s chairman, Mr Colin Dodge (not ironic at all) says that the Japanese company is going to take it slow and build up their entry.

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Honda takes the Insight hybrid into 2012

In a bit of a leap of faith Honda’s preparation for the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show implies a mild facelift to their Insight hybrid. Under the 2012 modelyear, Honda’s Insight doesn’t get much of a considerable appearance change but there’s a vital swap (in Europe at least) in its stats. The emissions now fall to

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Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG was killed off

Downsizing has once again gotten to the charismatic cars we know and love for having big engine. The victim this time is a very special sort of Mercedes. The lovable over-powered coupe will be the last of its breed. While the actual SL65 AMG name may survive, the glorious V12 that powers it will not.

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Next generation Chevrolet Colorado revealed

General Motors came forward with a bit of a surprise just before one of the least interesting motor shows around, the Bangkok International one. The surprise came in an early release of one of GM’s showcars over there, namely the Chevrolet Colorado pickup.

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Mazda has big plans for their next generation of the 2

The current version of the Mazda 2, the 2010 model year has been around with us for quite a few years now and while it has what it takes in just about every segment it fails to provide one relatively important thing. That’s economy. The Mazda 2 has some decent economy figures but none of

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2011 Ford F-150 gets the first EPA rating

It seems that a general consensus about Ford’s latest pickup truck lineup having the best powerplants on the market is getting early confirmation. Actually it’s not that early of a confirmation as the car has been available to the media for quite a while now but either way, the EPA’s test results have been eagerly

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Chrysler Ford General Motors

Bob Lutz joins Transonic Combustion board of directors

Transonic Combustion is a fuel-injection systems startup company that has announced today that Bob Lutz has joined the company’s board of directors. Bob Lutz recently retired from his nine year position as vice chairman of General Motors and, according to Transonic Combustion’s spokesman, will be bringing the company’s leadership the experience of a career in

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Land Rover

News from Land Rover

Land Rover is bombarding us with announcements, after posting a recent success in sales are now reminding us that the LRX based car that is to fit in the market beneath the Land Rover Freelander will come with an option of either 2- or 4-wheel drive. More so, should you go for that front wheel

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Lotus Toyota

Lotus and Toyota show the benefits of lightness

Lotus just released a concept where the Norfolk performance company use the Toyota Venza as a base and start a project where the goal was to trim the fat, ultimately reducing CO2 emissions. Officially, they are trying to show off a project called “viable mass reduction strategy” and the base car will be transformed into

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Chevrolet General Motors

Chevrolet Volt MPV5

The Chevrolet Volt MPV has now gone from drawings to reality. It’s not grown a bit of a longer name but other than that it’s pretty much as expected.

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1 million BMW 1 Series sold

The BMW 1 Series was first introduced in 2004 and since then, according to news from BMW themselves; it has sold 1 million units. The 1 millionth 1 series was a three-door BMW 118d built at the BMW Plant in Leipzig and was delivered to the owner at the Leipzig Auto Show by Frank-Peter Arndt,

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911 GT3 R Hybrid finishes third in its second race

The Nurburgring Endurance Series is where the latest 911 GT3 is playing out its joker in the form of hybrid drive placed in the R Hybrid version. After having placed sixth in the debut race the factory team running a 911 GT3 R Hybrid has just scored a podium finish in this weekend race at

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Concept Cars

New CVT developed by Australian

The CVT or Continuously variable transmission is something that first appeared in F1 in the Williams FW14B and was so good it got banned almost instantly. Since then the CVT has seen application in production cars with great success (most notably the Nissan Murano). All of these current CVT gearboxes offered by various manufacturers such

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The 2011 Lotus Elise S is the answer

Well at least when it comes to fuel economy it is, the latest offering from Norfolk has been rated at 46.7 mpg highway upon testing in the EU cycle. This figure is not that impressive when compared to a new generation hybrid or even certain diesel engines but none of those can offer the same

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