April 22, 2024
Tuning Volvo

Volvo C70 facelift tuning kit by Heico

Tuners from Heico will exhibit in their booth at the Geneva Motor Show, the first tuning package for the fresh facelift of the Volvo C70. But changes are only aesthetic. The facelift operated on Volvo C70 got the attention from specialists at Heico, who have proposed to begin at Geneva with a kit specifically designed for the Swedish convertible. The tuner tries to offer a more sporty look, without altering the traditional features of the brand.

Holger Hedtke, general director at Heico Sportiv, said that the the program thought comes to complete the Swedish’s designers work. The package can be characterized by improvement and not by substitute, said Hedtke.

Heico has prepared a new front spoiler, constructed from plastic light material, a rear deflector and an exhaust system with four endings of stainless steel. Ground clearance was lowered by 30 mm and the wheels were replaced with some forged 20-inch ones. About the mechanics, Heico did not reveal any details, only information announcing a recalibrated ECU for the 2.0-liter diesel version.

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  • Kuldeep June 15, 2012

    the engine isnt just a ymahaa, both parts worked it out.Yes AWD makes it weight some more and eat more gas but slows preformence? lower topspeed but mostly its better for 0-60 unless its a supercar.the main feature about AWD is safety, the car sticks much better to the ground even on dry asphalt and prevent understear when you have a heavy v8 in the front or a more powerful FWD car really.And this dosnt just include Volvos, but any car like Audi Quattros, Bmws xDrive etc.

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