VIDEO: Geely CK gets zero stars at LatinNCAP test

Launched on October 18, the Latin division of EuroNCAP, LatinNCAP decided to test few models sold in the region. Toyota Corolla, Peugeot 207, Chevrolet Meriva, Fiat Palio and also Geely CK was tested, the last obtaining very bad results at this test. The situation of the Chinese model is the worst possible rather than a [...]

No more Geely starting 2012

The Chinese manufacturer will quit the automotive market in China starting 2012. Geely promises to improve their services and models of the other brands led by them, some certain models following to be transferred to the other brands we referred below. Thus, Yuan Jing and Freedom Ship will be manufacturer under the Gleagle brand while [...]

Geely IG may cost less than Tata Nano

Chinese car maker Geely Automobile came to the Beijing Motor Show with a concept car entitled IG. Now they claim that the eventual production version of the IG is a contender for the title of world’s cheapest car.

It’s official, Volvo is now part of Geely Automotive Holding

Swedes at Volvo will be part of Geely Automotive Holding from today, a group from China who managed to buy the Northern brand from Ford. Ford Motor Company and the Chinese from Geely reached an agreement on selling, respectively buying the Volvo brand. The Swedish brand will now be part of Geely Automotive Holding group, [...]

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