July 15, 2024

No more Geely starting 2012

The Chinese manufacturer will quit the automotive market in China starting 2012. Geely promises to improve their services and models of the other brands led by them, some certain models following to be transferred to the other brands we referred below.


Thus, Yuan Jing and Freedom Ship will be manufacturer under the Gleagle brand while the King Kong and Golden Eagle models will be found under Shanghai Englon name. Gleagle, Emgrand and Shanghai Englon will be the sub-brands of Geely that will continue to manufacture the models that Geely used to do.

Volvo brand, now owned by Geely will not be affected in any way by this decision taken by Geely and the Chinese manufacturer claims that starting 2012 they will focus more on the development of the sub-brands. The announcement that Geely will quit the automotive market was made by the newest flagship dealership of the Chinese people, located in Shanghai.

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