Gumpert announces new investor and safe finances

Gumpert is a relatively new supercar maker that wants to stand up on its own and which didn’t fall into the trap of compromising vital aspects of their products in order to please reviewers. The German supercar maker is only concerned with engineering their car in such a way that it blows the opposition’s doors [...]

Gumpert files for bankruptcy

The current economical climate does seem to have hit the automotive enthusiasts with above average income quite hard recently. Even though every company in the world seems to be making a highly luxurious product nowadays and every high end brand is getting increased sales, Gumpert isn’t so fortunate. The German high end performance car maker [...]

Video: Gumpert Apollo while spinning around the Monza circuit

The Germans from Gumpert decided to take the new Apollo for a ride at the Monza circuit in Italy. Actually, we talk about a modified version of the German supercar, almost able to reach the 800hp barrier. The modified Apollo that you can see in the video is a version that meets all the requirments [...]

Gumpert teases once again the Tornante concept

While earlier this month we were able to see the first teaser of the new Tornante concept, a prototype that will see the daylight at the Geneva Motor Show, now we have the opportunity to get an idea of how the German concept will look in the rear. Combining these two teasers we can get [...]

Gumpert release details on new Tornante concept

The Germans from Gumpert are about to introduce a new supercar in the range but until then they will reveal a new concept, called Tornante, at the Geneva Motor Show next month. This is the first teaser released by the Germans for the new supercar but there are also a bunch of interesting details to [...]

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