Brad Pitt behind the Wheel of His New Car Tesla Model S

The famous Mr. Smith, Brad Pitt has recently purchased a brand new Tesla Model S and a spy photo shows him preparing to get behind its wheel. After BMW i3 electric or the plug-in hybrid i8, the Tesla Model S seems to favor the famous actors or other celebrities from Hollywood. The five-door luxury car [...]

Tesla to reinforce Model S underbelly with titanium

Ever since Tesla launched their Model S, stock prices have been steadily increasing, with only two small negative spikes on the overall trend. These came with the occasion of two accidents involving the Model S, in which both burned down to a crisp. Of, course, at the time, investigations were carried out, and the result [...]

Tesla Model S tuned by Unplugged Performance

I have followed Tesla with a bit of interest ever since they launched the Model S, a car that proved to be not just a great vehicle, but also a great success. Bringing in not just a good combination of looks and performance, the Models S also benefited of awesome perks and services, making it [...]

Tesla still struggling with politics

Ever since Tesla launched their Model S, the stock price of the company has been on a steady upwards trend, with the occasional slip caused by a couple accidents. Problem is that when you have a successful business strategy, many will try to get in on that. A particular sore subject involves the traditional car [...]

Tesla Model S Heading towards China

I am forever reading about different famous models reaching the Chinese market with prices that would amaze even a non-connaisseur average driver looking to buy a car in China. I am talking about prices twice as doubled as one would pay for a car in the US for instance, due to taxes and other fees. [...]

Gm might make a grab at Tesla

Tesla is a very rare sight on the automotive market, and when I say that I am referring to the fact that they are only making a single type of vehicle, and yet are successful and most importantly, independent. But that is soon to change if we are to believe what financial analyst Yra Harris [...]

Tesla sought out by Daimler

It seems that despite the recent media uproar regarding the two Model S fires, Tesla is still on an ascending trend. In a recent statement, Daimler official stated they are actively seeking a closer collaboration with the electric car manufacturer. “I told my guys, go back to Tesla and look for other opportunities to work [...]

The 007 submarine Lotus Esprit found an owner

Not long ago, we were talking about a unique Lotus Esprit going on auction at the RM auction house. Used on the set of a James Bond movie, this Particular Esprit was a fully functional submarine, and now is a very special memorabilia. The winner of the auction and new owner of the 007 Lotus [...]

Tesla reports good Model X orders

Tesla Motors announces good orders for the new Model X, a total of over 6,000 which is really fine considering the company’s difficult times. The new Tesla Motor X comes in two variants, the base one fitted with a 60 kWh lithium-ion battery and a more powerful 85 kWh version. For each one, customers had [...]

Tesla Model S to sport AWD

It seems that Tesla might be cooking up a surprise for their already famous and quite successful Model S. From the looks of it, the electric car might come available with an all wheel drive system come 2014. The news is quite amazing, and there are plenty of buyers that might be interested in this, [...]

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