McLaren 650S Spider vs. Tesla Model S P85D in Drag race

Drag races have been around for tens of years, testing to the full the capacities of a lot of supercars, engaging each other into real battles on the track. After seeing the Tesla Model S P85D literally smashing out its current competitor BMW i8, the pure electric vehicle is back into out spotlights, this time [...]

Tesla Model X Coming with “Ludicrous” Acceleration

We are not sure what a “ludicrous” acceleration mode means while talking about the Tesla Model X, but CEO Elon Musk explains it in a few words. “Nobody was asking for ‘ludicrous’ mode because it is too ludicrous. It is just incredible fun. It is like having your own roller coaster”, Musk said. Did you [...]

Tesla Model 3 Sedan Rendered

The Tesla North American based carmaker is one of the major players on the electric segment, the model playing quite hard against hot models from BMW, like the i3 full electric, i8 plug-in hybrid or the 3-Series. And the reason is the upcoming Tesla Model X as well as the rendered Tesla Model 3. Recent [...]

2016 Tesla Model X Ready to Hit US Dealerships

BMW`s toughest competitor on the electric market Tesla, is now ready to make the first deliveries with the newly Tesla Model X. This all new electric model will be very successful, at least in US since it has no competitor for the moment, given the fact that BMW is preparing a direct competitor somewhere in [...]

Tesla Model S 70D Announced with Lots of Power at Cheaper Price

The Tesla based North American carmaker has had a lot of success with its Model S electric version, managing to reach first place on the American EV market, outselling Nissan LEAF and BMW i3 or BMW i8 in the first quarter of 2015. But it seems that Americans want more from Tesla, something new and [...]

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