Volkswagen Passat CC Launched Online

The upcoming Volkswagen Passat CC was just launched online in two renderings, signed by the famous Hungarian designer, Theophilus Chin. The renderings hit the web shortly after the 2015 Volkswagen Passat was launched a couple of weeks ago, giving us a glimpse on how a future Passat CC would look, if the model will come. [...]

2015 Volkswagen Scirocco Coming in Details

The 2015 Volkswagen Scirocco is ending up in our news again, with the sports car coming in fresh details, even if the model has already been launched at the beginning of this year. The 2015 Volkswagen Scirocoo unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, is coming with some interesting updates, like fresh LED taillights, new [...]

Volkswagen Transporter Sportline 60 Special Edition Offered in the UK from 29,940 GBP

The Volkswagen Group is ready to launch the Transporter Sportline 60 Special Edition in the UK, at the base price of 29,940 GBP, the model celebrating six decades of extraordinary existence. When you think of Volkswagen Transporter you think of a solid and good reliable vehicle to transport everything from small objects to huge pieces [...]

Volkswagen Scirocco Facelift Ready for the UK from 20,455 GP

The Volkswagen Scirocco facelift is ready to hit the United Kingdom market soon, coming available from the base 20,455 GBP. The updated Volkswagen Scirocco announced for the UK, can be yours at the base entry-level price of only 20,455 GBP, the sporty model coming with a lot of power. We are talking about a 1.4-liter [...]

2015 Volkswagen Passat Shooting Brake Tweaked Online

The 2015 Volkswagen Passat Shooting Brake body style is ending up in our news again, this time the model coming in a rendering signed by the famous X-Tomi Design. The next-gen Volkswagen Passat was already launched a couple of days and the Shooting Brake model rendered here might also see the day lights in the [...]

VW Beetle Dune Concept Planned for 2016

The Volkswagen German based automaker has big plans with the next-gen Beetle Dune Concept, as the model is planned to head the production line in 2016. The Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept will be launched in 2016 and will share some elements with the current version, while a convertible body style is also in plans. Everybody [...]

Volkswagen XL1 Available in the UK from 98,515 GBP

The Volkswagen Group has just announced that the extravagant and futuristic XL1 model will become available in the United Kingdom from a whopping 98,515 GBP. If you fancy exclusive city cars running on fumes, then you should head to any Volkswagen dealerships in the UK and buy the one-off XL1 at the huge price of [...]

Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept Coming in New Photos

The Volkswagen German based luxury automaker is trying to promote the Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept by launching a new photo gallery with the model on the web. The Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept, unveiled at the 2013 North American International Auto Show, Detroit, is ending in the news again, being shown in a completely new photo [...]

Volkswagen Beetle GRC Coming with Power Muscle at Red Bull Global Rallycross

The Red Bull Global Rallycross has been the host of different auto events, an occasion for the Volkswagen German based automaker too, which unveiled the powerful Beetle GRC ahead its public launch. The fresh Volkswagen Beetle GRC will receive a lot of power and will stand amongst the high-performance sportscar, as it received an updated [...]

Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision GT Shows Off in Video

After the Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo was launched last month, the supermodel ended up in the spotlights again, after the automaker released a clip showing a step-by-step creation process of the model. The video with the Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo starts by showing the supercar first riding in a famous racing [...]

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