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Caterham CK-01 Kart Italian Stock Exchange Milano Investing Non Retirement Money
It’s not a new car, but we can be very happy to know that it’s not some sort of cologne, winter shoes or anything stupid like that.

This new product is a kart, which comes with quite the interesting package. You also get enter a low-cost karting championship hosted by them.

Caterham CK-01 Kart

Caterham CK-01 Kart

The price is roughly 8.000 USD before taxes. That actually makes things a bit disturbing since a lot of second hand cars can be acquired for that money.

Striping them out and beating the life out of it on a track shouldn’t be too expensive. Caterham do fight back with the rest of the program.

There’s no warranty as such but you do get a ARKS race license guidance, entry to a six-event season, technical support throughout, a paddock trolley and, of course, the CK-01 kart itself.

Caterham CK-01 Kart

Caterham CK-01 Kart

It’s starting to sound like a great deal. You’d also be one of the first to participate in a project that brings back motorsport to the people.

That’s perhaps what matters more than anything else in a world that’s so bothered about carbon emissions and fuel economy.