2012 Honda Civic unveiled, not here yet

The Japanese tend to be known as very efficient people and their cars are equally so and reliable as well. The 2012 Honda Civic however has let down the mark a bit. This is because it’s going to be delayed for a while, admittedly, due to circumstances beyond Honda’s control, the catastrophic floods in Thailand. [...]

Astra GTC to soon become a Buick

Globalization, gotta love it, this why we can see more and more models from one continent popping up on others. As recently the trend seems to focus on how European models get rebadged and sold off dealer lots in the United States and what’s happening with the Opel Astra GTC.

Chrysler’s 200 to become Lancia’s newest product

I’m pretty bored about speaking my mind in regards to the Lancia situation, especially since Fiat and Chrysler are pondering a way to kill it off almost completely by swapping badges with the American products. After a somewhat delayed process, Lancia’s first just such product is expected to arrive at the Geneva Motor Show and [...]

2011 Honda Civic Type R launched in Japan as a limited edition

The Japanese over at Honda have decided to hit the JDM with a limited edition of the 2011 Civic Type R. It sounds weird doesn’t it? Actually, it only sounds weird because there is some information missing. The actual limited edition of the 2011 Honda Civic Type R that’ll soon be launched in Japan is [...]

Chrysler stand at SEMA 2010 includes… a Fiat 500?

With Chrysler being interested in bumping interest for the Fiat brand in the United States it’s no wonder when they resort to various marketing cues. Taking something that’s basically the essence of legendary cheap European mobility for the masses to the most fun filled, showoff like, money draping car show in America however seems a [...]

Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe Concept

That’s a pretty long line of words starting with “C” but one can easily be added, the creator of this concept car is called Cardoso, David Cardoso. Pardon the James Bond association but you can’t help but feel that if 007 went to the US to get a car this not only looks the part [...]

European Chevrolet Volt to be… different?

There is a rumor concerning the European version of the Chevrolet Volt running around, and I say this with a bit of a clench because i know that the newspaper behind hasn’t always proved to be the best of reliable sources. The newspaper quoted for this rumor is the British print from “The Telegraph” and [...]

PSA & Mitsubishi negotiations could be ending soon

According to a report last Friday by French newspaper “Les Echos” the negotiations that had been undergoing at PSA with Mitsubishi may be nearing a conclusion. PSA/Peugeot-Citroen and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation have been talking about using one of the Japanese company’s platforms for small, low-range cars.

Opel’s bid for state aid rejected

Pending a situation of uncertainty and a delay of a session destined to reach a decision, Opel finally got an answer from the German government and it will be not receiving any state aid. Yesterday, GM’s request for aid from the federal government in order to keep its Opel unit going clashed with representatives and [...]

Germany hasn’t decided on Opel’s aid

The German Government has yet to produce a final decision on the plan of helping Opel’s situation and this is creating quite a bit of tension as thousands of jobs at the GM unit remain attached to an uncertainty of the future. Opel has been loosing money for quite some time and is seeking Government [...]

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