CUT48 Mercedes SLR Tuning

The Mercedes SLR was completely modified by some german specialists from CUT48 that have published their tuning program for the Mercedes SLR. The price of this package costs you $5,500 and it includes the paint of the car (Blue color), power kit from Edo Competition (ECU remapped), a completely new exhaust and other. If you [...]

Geneva 2011: Mansory Cormeum ruins Mercedes SLS and more

Mansory is a German tuner that’s renown for making cars which have one thing that makes them stand out, they are incredibly ugly. After ruining the look of the Maserati GranTurismo S and the Range Rover among others.

Graf Weckerle’s Ferrari 599 Comte Noir edition

Someday it seems that there’s just no end to what tuning companies can do. If they’re German, their unthinkable designs seem that much crazier. This is par for the course in the case of Graf Wecerle’s Ferrari 599 Comte Noir edition.

Some extra style for your Mercedes E Class Convertible

Just in case you’ve bought yourself a new Mercedes Benz E Class Convertible and you reckon you’re going to slip under the radar with it there’s two things you may need. Firstly, a head exam and secondly, some help from a German tuner called Piecha Design.

Launched: the Hamann Victory II

I know it would be nice every now and then to have a new aspirational car maker show us what they can really do but this isn’t that. The Hamann Victory II is actually a transformation package for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. A tuning package, a very interesting tuning package but a tuning package nevertheless.

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