2013 Bentley Continental GTC V8 unveiled

Bentley’s Geneva presence has two main points. The first is a preview concept of their upcoming SUV called the EX 9 F and the second is this. The 2013 Bentley Continental GTC V8 was unveiled just before the show started telling us about the stars for a very simple reason. The Brits knew that all [...]

2012 Bentley Continental GTC reveals itself

Since the Frankfurt Motor Show is such a special event it only comes about only once every two years it had better present itself with some special cars. Few cars define a special feeling better than Bentley’s products and it seems that the 2012 Bentley Continental GTC they just unveiled is quite fitting of the [...]

2012 Bentley Continental GTC to be seen in Frankfurt

Bentley is the sort of company that can’t really update its products often so they need to be very careful about their presences at motor shows. This is why they won’t be unveiling the convertible version of the newly facelifted Continental GT until the upcoming 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. It all sounds pretty reasonable on [...]

Officially unveiled: Opel’s 2012 Astra GTC

As part of an ongoing battle in hatchback land, Opel just took one step closer towards hotting up their 2012 Astra. What we see here is the recently unveiled 2012 Opel Astra GTC, one of the first steps towards the publicly awaited high-performing Opel Astra OPC. Despite the OPC version being almost a year away [...]

Astra GTC to soon become a Buick

Globalization, gotta love it, this why we can see more and more models from one continent popping up on others. As recently the trend seems to focus on how European models get rebadged and sold off dealer lots in the United States and what’s happening with the Opel Astra GTC.

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