Mazda Takeri Concept to feature i-ELOOP

Mazda is a Japanese company that doesn’t seem to follow the trends. They take their time and they tend to do things right. Which is something both good and wrong, as Mazda’s brilliant products sometime go unnoticed but good because they’re some of the cheapest ones around. Their latest innovation for the “average” car comes [...]

Porsche is bringing new technologies to road cars

The Germans at Porsche may be stubborn about their placement of engines in a car, but one thing you can’t deny about their activity. With every new model or new generation of previous ones, Porsche brings new technologies to the market and it’s this sort of stuff that keeps them ahead of the pack. Pending [...]

Are you an enthusiast interested in the Porsche GT3?

If you are, you may want to rush out and buy one now, or start looking for second hand ones, because the next generation of the Porsche GT3 may not be completely aimed at you. For some of you, that might be sacrilege, but as it happens, I’ve gotten wind of a rumor according to [...]

Lotus F1 story finally clears up

After a bit of unclear air and some tense situations on the legal front, everything seems to be all right. The British at Lotus will be going into F1 as a factory team for the 2011 season.

Ferrari’s take on the role of hybrids

Due to tightening emissions legislation, to political climate and to overall economics situations it is becoming harder and harder for traditional sports cars manufacturers to keep producing at their best focused capacity. These are the issues that are becoming an ever more problematic situation for manufacturers such as Ferrari.

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