Tesla builds its 100th Supercharger station

I admire car maker Tesla for several reasons like the fact they stick to their guns and fight for the right to sell their cars in their own dealerships. Another reason would be the high quality of both vehicles and services that they offer, a trait that enabled them to remain pretty much independent from [...]

Tesla Supercharger raises new controversies thanks to the availability limitations

Tesla has managed to stay under the spotlights for many different reasons lately. However, one of its most controversial acts regarded the famous supercharger. Those who were after a low emissions vehicle, an electric car in particular, were more than happy to hear about Tesla placing the supercharging stations. If we recall well, the West [...]

Roush sharpens up Ford F-150 pickup

Roush is the sort of tuner that you pretty much naturally associate with Ford and their sporty models like the Mustang or, a long time ago, the GT supercar. With that in mind, when they announce some tweaking of one Blue Oval product it’s not that big a deal or surprise. This announcement however is [...]

Alfa Romeo Brera tuned by Romeo Ferraris

When it comes to the Italians at Alfa Romeo it seems like everything is new and different. That’s why it’s nice to see something old get a new lease on life. The Alfa Romeo Brera just got itself a “care package” from the tuners at Romeo Ferraris. It’s the sort that really sustains life. The [...]

G-Power unveils BMW M3 Tornado RS

For a company that has power in its very name I doubt anybody is going to be surprised about exactly what they offer when tuning cars, particularly high performane ones such as the BMW M3. With this new kit they call the Tornado RS, G-Power bolts a serious supercharger onto the infamous 4.0 liter V8 [...]

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