April 22, 2024

2010 MINI One Minimalism with images and details

I must say that I get very excited when I see this type of small cars getting much fuel economy so that the car is “getting a bit more green”. No, this 2010 MINI One Minimalism is not going to have a hybrid system but it will feature a system that will make this car to have lower emissions.

I guess that after the MINI CUV car, this is the greatest news from MINI. Anyway, you should not worry about the power of this 2010 MINI One Minimalism, I tell you that it will still got a lot of power under the hood so that you will fill no change.

This 2010 MINI One Minimalism is going to have two options of power and it starts with the lowest engine which can develop up to 55 kW or 75 horsepower and the most powerful engine from this 2010 MINI One Minimalism can develop up to 96 horsepower which makes this car quite powerful.

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