May 30, 2024

Daihatsu announces retirement plans from the European market

The main reasons which make the Japanese people from Daihatsu to quit the European market starting 2013 are the poor financial situation together with poor sales amount. Back in 2009, Toyota announced that the Japanese subsidiary managed to sell about 36,000 vehicles in Europe, not very optimistic indeed.


Another decisive reason which weighs a lot is the bad trend of the currency between yen and euro but also the EU reglementations in terms of safety and CO2 emissions, a chapter where Daihatsu can’t boast too much. It seems that in 51 years, as Daihatsu entered the European market in 1960, they really didn’t manage to break the ice, mainly considering that last year the sales droped even more compared to 2009, only 19,300 vehicles being sold by the Japaneses.

However, there are two more years since 2013 when the Japanese company will completely quit the European market, thus, this comes as a warning signal but however the chances of recover are small for Daihatsu.

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