June 19, 2024

MSO Reportedly Planning McLaren F1`s Successor

Back in the good old days, McLaren used to top all its opponents with the high-end and iconic McLaren F1 supercar, which made people wonder if there would be a genuine successor of the model.

McLaren`s Special Operations, the carmaker`s exclusive division, is reportedly working on a true successor of the F1.

The report was issued by Autocar and is stating that the MSO might be indeed working on a new project, called BP23, which would be a limited edition as well. Someone close to the source also mentioned:

“It applies the F1’s three-seat configuration to a different need: rapid, cross-continental travel with supreme speed and style. The result will be the most exquisitely crafted and luxurious road-going McLaren yet made.”

In case this happens, it won`t have many things in common with the current high-performance McLaren P1, which is the epiphany of technology and performance, using an extremely potent hybrid powertrain under the hood. The future F1 is announced to come with pure power, packing a conventional powertrain.

The sheer performance would be also given by an extremely lightweight chassis, all built from aluminum and carbon fiber, especially designed to house a three-seat cockpit and the same famous central driving position, just like the former McLaren F1.

Unfortunately, the details list is rather scarce at the moment, but we should expect fresh news next year, with an official debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

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