April 17, 2024

Photos with the car and the powertrain of Lotus Proton Concept

This time, Lotus made an exception of their unwritten rule namely to build fast and high powerful cars. Probably each auto maker felt like they need to build at last a concept if not a series hybrid car and the time came up for Lotus too as you can see in these photos.

This small car is named Lotus Proton Concept which is a hybrid as you can see in the photo with the powertrain. It has an electric system combined with a 1.2 three-cylinder engine and if you need, this engine will recharge the battery from the Lotus Proton Concept.

We also know that this Lotus Proton Concept comes with a single-speed gearbox transmission which makes us pretty sure that this Lotus Proton Concept is a city car and I think there is no way to use it out of the city. I think they would have some success if they would build this Lotus Proton Concept in series.

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