June 17, 2024

Honda Civic Hybrid fuel economy problems headed for court

Honda is working hard towards making a comeback to a time when they were simply on a roll these days as far as the products are concerned. We’re seeing this in Acura, we’re seeing it in the future of Honda itself and a lot of marketing on the side. Simply put, the future of Honda

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2006 Honda Civic Hybrid lawsuit won by plaintiff

Honda has been getting a bit of heated action in the U.S. lately after a plaintiff won a suit against them in a small-claims court in California. The lawsuit was regarding fuel economy figures. It seems that Heather Peters (plaintiff) felt she was mislead by Honda since her 2006 Civic Hybrid never managed the fuel

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Chrysler Jeep

Massive 2006-2010 Jeep Wrangler recall

Yet another recall news frightens the motorists, in particular the owners of any Jeep Wrangler that was produced between May 15, 2006 and August 9, 2010. The Jeeps produced within this period total up nearly 300.000 (288,968 to be precise) units and they are troubled by their brakes.

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Massive Chrysler recall over fire risk

Chrysler have just announced a massive recall involving nearly 285.000 2008-2009 minivans for a problem of the wiring in the doors that may lead to a fire. This is the second time this year that Chrysler’s minivans are going on to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website for a major recall.

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Lotus is killing off the Europa

The Lotus Europa has been marketed as a bigger softer Elise but it never really picked up sales. Maybe perhaps because people who want a Lotus aren’t big fans of practicality. And then the Norfolk based company launched the Evora which is a truly practical car the Europa pretty much bombed when it came to

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Ferrari president misses Michael Schumacher

Luca di Montezemolo, President of Ferrari SpA, has admitted to missing the days when he was working with F1 legend Michael Schumacher. The famous race-car driver, who won seven world championships for the alleged Italian automaker, stayed with the team as a consultant after retiring from Formula 1 back in 2006.

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Mulally versus Ford investors

Ford Motor Company’s annual shareholders meeting hosted a very positive speech on the behalf of the company CEO, Alan Mulally. Mulally stated that Ford will have a “solidly” profitable result coming out of 2010 and that 2011 will bring along a “continuing improvement”.

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Hummer unleashes a recall on the H3

Recalls aren’t big news any more and this concerns me a bit, there are quite a lot going on and with such a great number of them around you may start to think, how much longer until they figure out an issue with my car? Hopefully you will not get the chance to read a

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Recalls, this time it’s Infiniti

Nissan has made one of those announcements that is troublesome but it’s sort of becoming an every day event. There will be a recall, quite a big one and focused on a serious problem with the 134.215 Infinitis in question.

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