May 22, 2024
Luxury Cars Rolls Royce Tuning

Rolls Royce Ghost tuned by Mansory will come at the Geneva Auto Show

I must say that I don’t remember the last time when we talked about a tuning kit for a Rolls Royce car and probably we never did. Anyway, I must say that these sketches or draws are looking kind of fake to me, probably of the combination of colors, but I know there is nothing

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Teaser photos with the 2011 Kia Magentis (sketches)

At last I talk no more about spy photos, now we talk about some sketches or also named teaser photos which shows us what we are going to see at the New York Auto Show from April. If you are a Kia fan but you still don’t recognize this car, keep reading this post and

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Spy photos with the 2011 Porsche Cayenne Diesel version

I know that most people were expecting to hear again about the 2011 Porsche Cayenne Diesel after two weeks from the original release at the Geneva Auto Show but here we have a “surprise” for you. Yes, we got some spy photos with the 2011 Porsche Cayenne Diesel, probably they wanted to fix all the

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New images with the 2011 Mitsubishi ASX

This 2011 Mitsubishi ASX (or RVR) will become a brand because it looks a really awesome car and it will probably compete with the other famous SUVs like BMW X6, Audi Q7 and so on even if I never read something saying this, if I would think to buy a SUV between this 2011 Mitsubishi

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Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and Turbo confirmed for the NY Auto Show

Yeah, here we talked about my lovely auto maker Hyundai. I have to praise again this auto maker because they are doing something that I really didn’t expect or they’re doing it just because everybody does but they are still doing it which is an awesome thing. Yes, as you can see in the title

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