May 18, 2024

This Ian Callum`s New Jaguar F-Pace “Designer Edition”

In case you didn’t know, Ian Callum has been in-charged with Jaguar`s Design Department for more than 17 years now, being as well a car enthusiast and designer, to have worked for Ford or Aston Martin prionr to its arrival at the British carmaker. And from time to time, he is directly responsible for creating

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Nissan GT-R Bolt Edition ready for auction

Auction fans should ready their wallet as they’re about to go through something unusual. They’ll get a chance at buying a unique Nissan. The GT-R Bolt Edition the Japanese company alongside the Jamaican athlete about a month ago is now ready to be taken up to the auction block. Nissan announces that their one-off version

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Roush creates custom Ford F-150 SVT Raptor for charity

Roush is a company that has been with us for quite some time now and we’ve constantly been associating them with performance Ford models. The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a performance model from the Blue Oval and though we wouldn’t put in the same league as a Mustang or GT, it’s worthy of the

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Ferrari 599XX Evo auctioned off for charity

Though not strictly relevant to the automotive enthusiast, a large part of Italy was struck down by a serious earthquake thus causing a lot of problems. The event’s relevance to us can be counted twice. The beloved Italian sports car makers have had to shut down their plants in the wake of the event. There’s

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First ever SRT Viper auctioned off at Barret-Jackson

There are some cars out there that most of us can only dream about. They are usually called exotics or have some considerable prices attached to them. American doesn’t have many of those but with Chrysler’s need for a flagship the list just grew longer with the 2013 SRT Viper. When it comes to the

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Chevrolet General Motors Muscle Cars

GM offers up custom Chevrolet Camaro to Vet charity

Though not as often as many would like to see it happen, the automotive industry has a few occasions when it is very generous. The guys over at GM will be handing over a special car off to charity. Destined to help quite a lot of people in the process, the vehicle in question is

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Ford Muscle Cars Tuning

Ford Mustang gets redesign for charity

Ford really can’t complain about their sales department, particularly the guys in charge of the F-150 and Mustang’s sales. The team shifting off the latter has come up with quite the traditional method for gaining some extra popularity, which is offer one up for free. This particular Ford Mustang will be customized with a tad

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Audi Supercars

Audi chromes R8 V10 Spyder for charity

As any business man will tell you, one of the finest “colors” you can order on your Audi in is Silver Gray. While it makes us sad, there’s a reason behind it and we might as well come to terms with it. Audi on the other hand has different plans. In preparation for a pretty

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Ford’s donation to the Barret-Jackson charity auction

In what’s already become a tradition, Ford has revealed their latest “donation” to the Barret-Jackson charity auction. The donation in question is made up of a unique 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca that’s finished in Grabber Blue.

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Land Rover

1.000.000th Range Rover goes to charity

The car that got it all rolling when it came to off-road, the car that took you off road with luxury and style, and the car that’s now better at both of these has a celebratory moment. Land Rover just built the 1.000.000th Range Rover and has an interesting way of celebrating this occasion.

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Ford Muscle Cars

SR-71 Ford Mustang Sold at Charity Auction

A world premiere took place at this year’s Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EEA) AirVenture: the fruit of the labour of two of the most renowned Ford Mustang builders was taken home by one lucky fellow in a charity auction held for the Young Eagles program.

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Audi A1 Art Car auctioned for over Half a Million Dollars

You may remember the A1 Art Car Audi donated to Elton John’s charity ball for his AIDS foundation I wrote about here. Well it turns out that the organizer’s expectations as at the end of the night the check that would secure ownership of the very special Audi A1 creation was worth £350,000.

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BMW Mini

Life Ball event sees the Mini get a makeover from the fashion world

The biggest HIV/AIDS charity event in Europe isn’t very far away as it is scheduled to take place in Vienna on 17th July 2010 and within the program there will be a raffle with profits being sent of to funds for the cause at hand. The winners of this raffle will be getting a pretty

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