June 17, 2024

Dacia Duster already stacking orders in the UK

Speaking of expensive cars is nice, the exclusivity, the quality, the performance it all strikes us as something lovely. During these times however we don’t get to see much of that since just about everybody in Europe is struggling, the exceptions are companies that specialize in low-cost like Dacia. The Romanian Renault sub-brand has been

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Peugeot wants you to be ready to race with 208 R2

If it’s fun you’re looking for but you have no interest in breaking the bank on a purchase, all you need to do is go to the French. For a decently small amount of money, they’ll hook you up with a pocket rocket like you wouldn’t believe. All the fun, without too much of a

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Maybach Videos

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Otis Maybach went cheap

Provided you’re interested in cars and at an age where you still keep track of popular culture, you couldn’t have missed the appearance of the latest video from Jay-Z and Kanye West. Entitled Otis it’s quite the interesting collaboration. What is more important however is that during this video they chop up a Maybach 57

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Hyundai Elantra not as cheap a car as you’d think

When the Japanese car makers started hitting the U.S. market their main selling point was the low prices they could offer customers. Recently, as the Koreans got themselves a great economical boom they earned their notoriety for pretty much the same reason. A new study done by Edmunds for USA Today revealed something else though,

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2012 Buick Verano price tag announced

It’s not exactly news to hear about how the Japanese aren’t making cars as cheap as they once used to but the 2012 Buick Verano makes a point that’s rarely heard of. We’re not talking about a new Korean, Malaysian or other “startup” engineering country coming up with a contender but one renown American manufacturer.

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European version of 2012 Ford Focus brings WiFi to the table

It’s been quite a few years since Ford was the company that had sold two thirds of all the cars in the world and the sales hierarchies have changed quite a lot. Somehow Ford didn’t take the whole thing very well, especially since a company like BMW kind of overtook them despite having pricier products,

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Volkswagen to go cheap on Chinese

A new plan from Volkswagen came up at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show, one that sounds pretty bad and could end up being great. It seems like VW is working towards introducing a new low-cost brand specifically for the Chinese market, the Spanish one at Seat.

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Land Rover

The Evoque creates Land vs Range Rover questions

When the British at Land Rover came up with the Range Rover Evoque it was a surprise in many ways but recently they’ve announced a bigger one about it. Even in five-door guise, it will cost “just” $45.000.

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2012 BMW 1 Series M Coupe advertised as cheap

Er, it’s not really like that, what really happened is this, the 2012 BMW 1 Series M Coupe has been advertised as the cheapest M Car ever made. That’s not exactly saying it’s a bargain, but it’s not like saying this is the cheapest Rolls Royce either so let’s let it slide.

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2011 Toyota Etios revealed and headed for India

It’s no longer news that the Asian market is in a state of booming sales. That’s what China has been for for just over a year. India on the other hand has just started attracting major manufacturers to it. The latest of them to develop a car specifically for the Indian market is Toyota.

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Auto Shows Kia

Kia Optima Hybrid launched at the Los Angeles Motor Show

I will admit, as an automotive fan, I tend to knock off Korean cars as a breed but lately my beliefs have been put to some serious testing. This happens because the Koreans keep coming up with better and better products and the Kia Optima Hybrid is possibly one of the best.

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Chrysler: Next generation of Sebring will be called Nassau

Although Chrysler have yet to confirm this themselves, their network of dealers and other people known to be familiar with the company’s future plans have been helpful in getting this information verified. When asked about the Nassau name a Chrysler spokesman declined to comment which is unsurprising since Chrysler may not want the competition to

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Nissan Tata

Nissan’s upcoming rival for the Tata Nano

Nissan has announced back in 2009 that it will be bringing forward a competitor for the Tata Nano at an equivalent price. Recently however Carlos Ghosn, Renault and Nissan CEO, has announced that the subcompact is not only expected to rival the cheap Nano but also to increase company profits.

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