April 19, 2024

Toyota Prius C’s February sales make rivals weep

Toyota is obviously a leader in terms of hybrid solutions and they’re also one of the least restrained companies ever to put out a press release. They’ve just announced how many Prius C they’ve managed to sell in February and just giving us the figures is simply not going to be enough. The Japanese company

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Jaguar’s C-X75 will fight off the BMW i8

As a production prone model, BMW’s i8 EV supercar looks like it’s going to be pretty much unchallenged on the production market. That look may end up being smudged if the British at Jaguar manage to follow through on their plans for the production version of their C-X75 concept. It’s nice to see that there’s

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Lotus CEO praises future Esprit over 458 Italia and MP4-12C

There must be something about the British car companies and their leaders that makes them occasionally talk smack about the opposition. It’s the only way it makes sense. A few months ago, just after McLaren launched their MP4-12C supercar, Ron Dennins, head of the company talked down the mighty Bugatti Veyron. Today, looking at Lotus

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European version of 2012 Ford Focus brings WiFi to the table

It’s been quite a few years since Ford was the company that had sold two thirds of all the cars in the world and the sales hierarchies have changed quite a lot. Somehow Ford didn’t take the whole thing very well, especially since a company like BMW kind of overtook them despite having pricier products,

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A rumor tells us BMW is considering an M3 Touring

One of the most fascinating rumors to hit the Internet in relation to the BMW M3 makes us wonder why the Bavarians haven’t did this before. It seems that BMW are pondering at the idea of making a BMW M3 estate.

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Fiat Mini Videos

Mini attack the Fiat 500

Mini, the British company revived under BMW’s umbrella, seems to have taken quite a liking of itself and its achievements over the last few years. In truth and fairness, Mini are doing well, in fact you could say they’re doing more than well, but wait till you hear the sort of remarks they’ve been making

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Production of the Joss supercar is nearing it’s start

Since the Australians over at Joss have announced that they reached an agreement with a supplier for a gearbox and drive system, this being pretty much the final piece of the jigsaw production of the JP1 supercar is expected to begin soon. No actual dates of production or delivery have been published by the first

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Citroen launches DS3 design competition

Feeling like those car designers that are so famous and respected have no idea on what they’re doing? Think you can do better? Well Citroen is here to let you prove this talent of yours in a design competition open to entrants around the world and focused on the French company’s DS3.

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Ferrari Supercars

Ferrari CEO says a four door will never happen

Ferrari wishes to take no place in a world where the Porsche Panamera and the Aston Martin Rapide fight it out. According to Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa the Italian automaker will “never” do a four-door sports sedan destined to compete with the afore mentioned.

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Chrysler: Next generation of Sebring will be called Nassau

Although Chrysler have yet to confirm this themselves, their network of dealers and other people known to be familiar with the company’s future plans have been helpful in getting this information verified. When asked about the Nassau name a Chrysler spokesman declined to comment which is unsurprising since Chrysler may not want the competition to

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