April 12, 2024

2015 Fiat 500L Recalled for Issues on Dual-Clutch Transmission

The 2014 Fiat 500L was recalled in factory due to issues on the car`s dual-clutch transmission, after other automakers like Jeep and Dodge SUVs were recalled over issues on brakes. Fiat Chrysler Automotive equipped more than 19.500 units with a six-speed, dual-clutch transmission which are now being recalled for some updates at the cars` gearbox,

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2013 Ram 1500 unveiled at the New York Auto Show

It wouldn’t really be an American motor show without some sort of new and desirable pickup truck making the rounds would it? At this year’s New York Auto Show, Ram debuted the 2013 1500 model which comes forward with quite a few aces up its sleeves. As you’d imagine, some of the new feats and

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Porsche Supercars

Porsche 911 GT3 could soon go PDK only

Following a trend started by Ferrari, soon to be bought into by Lamborghini, it seems like Porsche are about to do something enthusiasts don’t approve of. More and more reports are coming in about how Porsche would start leaning towards selling its cars with automatic gearboxes as the only option. This comes with plenty of

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US Version of Ford Focus Titanium soon to get manual

The Ford Focus has always been praised as the finest driving car in its class and though with this third generation model it’s been watered down even further, it still is. What makes it a bit of a shame is that in the US, the Ford Focus, regardless of sedan or hatchback body is mostly

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Audi S4 and S5 to drop manual gearboxes

Petrolheads generally lose a little bit of their heart inside when news of a beloved car maker dropping the manual gearbox come in. If that manufacturer is Audi however, I doubt too many people would mind. It’s not because Audi doesn’t make good manual gearboxes or any technical reason, but because of modern conditions. The

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Toyota confirms some of the FT-86 details

We’re still trying to understand why Toyota have been telling us about the FT-86 for so long and we don’t really have any hard facts on it. We just might have some now though, as the Japanese have finally pushed through for us and confirmed some of the speculated components going into it.

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2012 Kia Soul makes a Big Apple debut

Flooding us with news these days is the 2011 New York Auto Show and even though it’s one of the lesser you’ll find Kia. The Korean’s manufacturer New York Auto Show presence is utterly dominated by the refreshed edition of the Kia Soul.

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Koenigsegg Tuning

Koenigsegg CCR gets Edo Competition tuning

The Swedish haven’t been selling that many cars lately no matter if its Volvo or Saab but when it comes to Koenigsegg low sales are part of the point. Given that the Trevita was only made in three units, running into the same car at the lights is pretty much impossible. The odds of that

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Chrysler 300 SRT8 power rumored

Rumor doesn’t fully describe the situation, let’s say that analysts have started predicting the power figures of what the upcoming Chrysler 300 SRT8 will be. The 2011 Chrysler 300 is barely starting deliveries and showroom appearances but that hasn’t kept enthusiasts from wanting the SRT8 version as soon as possible.

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Production of the Joss supercar is nearing it’s start

Since the Australians over at Joss have announced that they reached an agreement with a supplier for a gearbox and drive system, this being pretty much the final piece of the jigsaw production of the JP1 supercar is expected to begin soon. No actual dates of production or delivery have been published by the first

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Subaru issues a safety recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a recall for the 2010 model year Subaru Legacy sedans and Outback crossovers equipped with a continuously variable transmission. The recall affects a total of 29,443 vehicles that are spec’d up with the CVT in the States.

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Concept Cars

New CVT developed by Australian

The CVT or Continuously variable transmission is something that first appeared in F1 in the Williams FW14B and was so good it got banned almost instantly. Since then the CVT has seen application in production cars with great success (most notably the Nissan Murano). All of these current CVT gearboxes offered by various manufacturers such

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