May 22, 2024

75 years on BMW creates the 328 Hommage

While some people feel a bit disillusioned that today didn’t bring any rapture moment, many tend to live on and keep up with their normal plans. Some of us will be even more than glad to know BMW is continuing pursuing their original plan, part of which they are celebrating 75 years of existence of

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Audi reminds us what made them so strong

In what can only be described as a gust of inspiration, Audi’s UK division launched a new website about the parent company. It’s not unusual for companies to keep making up websites and such to promote new models.

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Chevrolet General Motors

Kentucky’s “Official State Sports Car” finally approved

It took a while but it finally happened, the Chevrolet Corvette has been legally christened as Official State Sports Car of the state of Kentucky. It may seem like something a bit over the top for the majority of readers but then again some sort of heritage is great no matter how you look at

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Jeep are considering a re-entry to the pickup segment

The Chrysler subsidiary company, Jeep, have announced indirectly that they are considering a possible comeback to the very popular segment of pickups. This announcement came packed in within a discussion Mike Manley, President and CEO of the Jeep Brand had with an interviewer from

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Switzer R911S

Supercar tuner Switzer Performance has set up quite a surprise for all Porsche aficionados in the form of the R911S. Basically what they’re saying is this, why crawl on broken glass in order to be one of the lucky 500 to get a factory spec Porsche 911 GT2 RS when they can sell you a

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Lexus LFA gets a special Nurburgring package

The Lexus LFA, one of the biggest ever surprises in terms of supercars coming from a manufacturer with no heritage or tradition in this domain will be getting even hotter. Lexus have said that despite the massive asking price for this car they will not be making any profit on it because the technology that

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