April 22, 2024

Lexus SC discontinued next month

In a recent official statement, Lexus have publicly announced that the SC 430 luxury hardtop convertible is reaching the end of its lifecycle. The Lexus SC 430 has had an impressive lifespan with almost no changes except for a few special editions for almost ten years.

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General Motors

GM’s plans for dealer network

The plans General Motors had installed for their dealer network have been slightly altered but are still headed for downsizing and, with this in mind, 900 GM dealerships have received a stay of execution from the company. According to Mark Reuss, GM North America President the schedule at the moment calls for approximately 5000 dealers

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2011 Ford Explorer teaser

It would seem that Ford Motor Company have been embracing more and more new media advertising as the latest teaser for the 2011 Ford Explorer is coming from… Facebook. That’s right people, Dearborn has chosen the most popular social network to be the provider of some teaser shots of the next car to enter the

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Mitsubishi Outlander facelift pricing announced

Mitsubishi’s British division have just announced some prices for the updated Japanese crossover. Along with the new prices Mitsubishi UK have also pinpointed some of the technical underpinnings of the “new” car and stated that this hestetics, as you can see for yourself, now line up with the rest of the range.

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