May 28, 2024

March 2011 went well for Seat sales

The third month of 2011 went extremely well for the Germans at BMW in terms of sales but the Spanish at Seat can’t complain either. It seems that VW’s fiery and sporty division from Spain has had one of its best monthly sales ever registered by the company on the UK market.

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Hyundai Toyota

Hyundai takes the crown from Toyota in Europe

I’ve been banging on lately about Hyundai and their coming from behind to overtake Toyota as Europe’s largest Asian car manufacturer pretty much proves me right. Kia isn’t yet best manufacturer overall but overtaking Toyota is quite an achievement.

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Jason Castriota hired as head designer of SAAB

Just this afternoon an interesting piece of news cropped up as an interesting bit of information has been released from SAAB as they announce their new choice for a head designer. The name of the new head of design at the Swedish company is Jason Castriota, an American designer who’s most memorable creation is the

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Ford still gunning most of the police car market

Lisa Teed who is Ford Motor Company’s brand marketing manager for their police vehicle program, is confident that the company she represents will continue its dominance of the market. This confidence is mostly a result of Ford’s products as they give customers what they seek; two pursuit-rated vehicles.

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Ford ambitions riding on Lincoln

Ford Motor Company, the single major manufacturer of the “Detroit big three” that did not file bankruptcy, is in the process of emerging from the crisis in the automotive market stronger than ever. Some of the changes applied turned the company around but there is no green light on the party yet. The main focus

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