April 13, 2024
Aston Martin

Aston Martin Replicates DB4 GT

If you want to relieve to golden glory of the Aston Martin DB4 GT, then you should prepare your pocket for around $1.9 million, as the British carmaker is planning to replicate the gorgeous and iconic model in just 25 vehicles. Hence the spicy price. Even if it is going to be built from scratch,

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Ferrari 458 Italia Replica Available from 50,000 GBP

A replica of the famous Ferrari 458 Italia was seen while looking for a new owner that would have to pay the ridiculous amount of 50,000 GBP. Why would anyone spend a lot of money, which is also the case here, on a replica of one of the greatest supercars in the world, the Ferrari

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BMW Ferrari

V12 powered Ferrari Enzo replica up for sale on eBay

Back throughout history, the Germans and Italians have had a few collaborations. They didn’t always end well. In the present, things are a bit different. Audi have shown us that they can work with the Italians to create some stunning results. Question is, can these fragile relations be improved upon by a fan of Ferrari?

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Ferrari Toyota

Does this Ferrari F430 look suspicious?

So I ask you, does the Ferrari F430 pictured below seem right to you? Can you spot anything worse or better than what we know the car to be on this example? Are there any shapes out of proportion? Any mistakes made in fixing it after a crash? If you suspected anything of the likes

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Land Rover

LEGO built Land Rover Defender 110

We love it when manufacturers come up with cars that are aimed at the enthusiast. We also love it when the enthusiast takes on making cars. In this situation however we’re faced with a weird mix. It’s the automotive enthusiast building a very advanced toy. Using nothing but LEGO, the creator has built a replica

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Lamborghini Supercars

Lamborghini’s Aventador is expensive, even in 1:8 scale

We’re all petrolheads, we live to see and we dream supercars throughout most of the day and night but we have to be honest, it’s rare that most of us would ever get to actually own one. The Lamborghini Aventador is a classic point in case, most chances we “normal” people get at owning one

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Aston Martin Tuning

Edo Competition turns Aston Martin DB9 to DBS

The Aston Martin DB9 was never the sort of car aimed at people with poor credit rating but then the DBS appeared and had such a hefty bump in price tag that it scared away lots of wealthy people. Even so, the car sold as quickly as the British could make it but from reading

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Dodge Maybach Tuning

Maybach Exelero Replica

Maybach has never been a brand that could be associated with plebeian descents but a tuning company from Switzerland have managed to make it to make it so. Well not exactly, but they will build you an Exelero Replica for just 670.000 dollars which is a greater deal than trying to purchase the one off

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Chevrolet Muscle Cars

2010 Chevrolet Camaro limited edition

Chevrolet has announced that they will be offering a replica of the Indianapolis 500 pace car. As this isn’t the first time Chevrolet sells replica pace cars (the first one being sold in 1993) there are some conditions applied to it. Firstly, the production will be limited (it is a limited edition after all) to

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