April 22, 2024

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake will not be sold in the US

There’s a rivalry between the German car makers the likes of nothing we’ve ever seen. The last time the country saw this much warfare, the Spitfire was up and running. Mercedes’ newest creation, the CLS Shooting Brake may have the carrying capacity of a Heinkel He 111 but it has the pace of the Messerschmitt

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Ford confirms Transit production stateside

The Blue Oval is loved for plenty of cars with true flair and performance such as the GT40, the Mustang, the Focus, so on and so forth but truth be told they really make their money in a different area. Commercial vehicles is where it matters the most and true kings in this segment are

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BMW X1’s delay gets possible due date

Bavaria’s latest in a line of what many of unnecessary cars, the X1, has been delayed from a launch in the U.S. several times up until recently. This is because just last week the company announced that the BMW X1 would be delayed from seeing its stateside debut indefinitely and since then Americans had been

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Volvo to drop S40/V50 stateside

German car companies are doing great, Japanese ones are recovering after a massive disaster, American car makers are recovering after a financial problem but the Swedish ones are still on the edge of the cliff. After Saab’s continuous issues of recent times, Volvo now announces that they need to tighten their belts and that they

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Fiat 500’s US sibling comes with two shortfalls

Perhaps I’m a bit harsh, let’s just say that the 2012 Fiat 500 will be sold stateside (finally) but with a couple of minor inconveniences. The new (for the United States) Fiat 500 will not get the very high mpg hoped by some and there will be somewhat of a situation when it comes to

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Volkswagen are working on a Seven Seater SUV

In the world of soccer moms and school runs, few things are more important than the combination between the SUV and seven seats. A bit late to the game, Volkswagen is reportedly finally working on just such a behemoth.

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Abarth Fiat

Fiat 500 Abarth confirmed to be coming stateside

Possibly one the best hot hatch superminis out there you can buy the Fiat 500 Abarth is coming to the United States. The headline is catchy and impressive but once you read the fine print you find out that there’s a lot more to be said about this whole thing.

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Mini Coupe will be available by August 2011

It would seem that the more interesting versions of the Mini BMW has been promising since it took over the British brand are starting to trickle in. The first of the approved models to hit production will be a Mini Coupe which is scheduled for August 2011 and it will be followed shortly after by

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan is almost ready

Italian automaker Alfa Romeo have announced that the company has almost finalized the design on the Giulia sedan. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan will be using the base from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta as a stretched version of that particular platform.

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Saab is launching a leasing campaign for the U.S.

The North American branch of Saab Cars has recently launched its first sales event as a new company in the form of a leasing program built around the 2010 Saab 9-3. The lease program will enable you to put a brand new Saab 9-3 in your driveway with a two liter engine and an automatic

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