Tata Nano competitor from Hyundai

Tata Nano had a lot of success until this moment either that it is still not available to buy by customers but I heard a lot of people around me saying that they would buy such a car for a million of reasons excluding the one that it can not be used out of the city and also because it doesn’t has a powerful engine.

I think you already know that Tata Nano is an Indian auto maker and still, I don’t think that this Hyundai competitor will beat so much the Tata Nano talking about the sales.

I think that the Tata Nano will have a big success in U.S. and of course, in India while this Hyundai Tata Nano competitor will probably have a lot of success in Europe or at last this is what I think. Still, I guess that this Hyundai is bigger than the Tata Nano.

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