April 19, 2024
Saab Spyker

Troubled times for the Swedish at Saab

Saab Assembly Line

Saab is one of the tradition brands that has been struggling for a while and one which barely survived the financial crisis.

Saab Assembly Line
Saab Assembly Line

After having dodged a bullet in being bought by Spyker the Swedish are trying to avoid another one.

A relatively poor sales forecast for Saab put the company’s management in a bit of trouble as they had to cut back on a number of jobs.

You’re thinking a sales forecast isn’t the end of the world and you’re right but there’s more to this story as far as Saab is concerned.

Over at Spyker, the “boss” has decided that Saab should cut target sales. There is a number of reasons for this and at the end oof the weigh in you’re not sure if it’s a good or a bad idea.

The situation is temporary, as the company hopes to raise target sales again for 2011 starting with the early part of the year. So far, in 2010 Saab had target sales of 60.000 units which then dropped down to 45.000 and now to just 30.000.

The fact that sales are half what they used to be is bad enough but the thing is that Saab once said they need to sell about 80.000 cars a year to break even.

Quite a pickle for the Swedes but I have all my hopes with them.

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