Nissan plans to enter Australian V8 Supercar racing

Nissan is going to enter some of their GT-R racers in next year’s season of the Australian V8 Supercar series. The announcement means more than what first glances show. Those of you with decent memories will remember that in the early 90s Nissan entered the Australian touring car championship with the GT-R’s predecessor to quite [...]

Joss JP1 unveiled

Petrolhead, Australia. I don’t know if a city like this actually exists or not but if it did, a local holiday would be brewing about now. Why? Well because after countless rumors and warnings about the production of the Joss JP1, Australia’s first supercar was unveiled today. With the unveiling of the final aspect of [...]

Joss JP1 – Australia’s supercar comes closer to production

The supercar game is very difficult to get into, even if you’re a company with great success on the racetracks around the world. Nobody proves this better than Joss who, in making their JP1, have had years go by to reach today’s point where just a few hurdles stand between them and production of their [...]

Falcon FPV Boss 335 GT is here to keep Australia’s Ford fans happy

Australia is one of the most dangerous countries to live in the world. They don’t have a war going on but there’s quite a few animals and insects that can easily kill you. And to top that all off, if you drive a Ford or a Holden there, things can get messy as your neighbours [...]

Vauxhall VXR8 comes back to life

As one of the vehicles loved by Top Gear most, the Vauxhall VXR8 is possibly the craziest four door saloon ever. The news of it coming back to Britain and being crazier than ever before will have many people rejoice at the idea of this car.

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