July 19, 2024

Former Saab executives going to jail

Saab Emblem

Right now, Saab is for all intents and purposes, dead. The new owner might be trying to revitalize it, but nothing concrete has been brought to table so far.

Yet, for a car maker that doesn’t really make any cars, Saab has a strong presence in the media these days.

Saab Emblem
Saab Emblem

One of the reason for the attention is the incarceration of three, yet undisclosed, former Saab executives. The Sweedish prosecutor Olof Sahlgren says that these three individuals are “suspected of aggravated attempts to avoid tax controls”.

Back in 2010 and 2011, they meddled with the company’s accounts to further their own goals. This offence brings up to four years of jail time in Sweden. Back then Saab was already sinking, and maybe the three decided to jump ship while looting as much as they could. By my books, four years is getting off easy.

In the meantime, the smoking ruins of Saab might be rebuilt and re-purposed as an electric vehicle manufacturer by its new owner, NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden), but no final word is out yet.

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