June 25, 2024
Land Rover

Land Rover finally updates Defender

2011 Land Rover Defender

Not that long ago, people used to make fun about how the British manufacturers forgot to stop making or update their cars.

2011 Land Rover Defender
2011 Land Rover Defender

Most of those jokes have been wiped away by recent efforts but there’s one car that’s hardly ever changed since all the way back in 1983, it’s the Land Rover Defender of course.

Imagine that, you can go into a showroom today and you can buy a new car which was designed almost 30 years ago.

Probably having had enough of the side jokes, Land Rover decided to update the Defender and they finally began work on it.

1983 Land Rover Defender
1983 Land Rover Defender

We weren’t given any details but the Brits promised a considerable volume of development for the car and given previous work done to it, it’s almost a requirement now.

The thing is that developing a new car, particularly one with four wheel drive utility takes a lot of time and money, therefore Land Rover have some bad news as well.

A new Land Rover Defender concept might be ready by around 2013 and an actual production model might not be ready by 2015.

2007 Land Rover Defender
2007 Land Rover Defender

It all sounds nice and interesting until you find the reason behind the change in philosophy for the Defender.

Land Rover realized that the utility segment will grow by about 25% by 2017 so they really want to capitalize on the sales.

Doing so in a strong market with cars that barely meet emission standards isn’t exactly possible is it now?

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