June 15, 2024
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Mercedes Cyborg Sensation Vehicle

Looks like Mercedes is thinking in the future, and when I say that I really mean it because we will see cars like the one in the pictures in 50 years from now. The name of the designer that created this Mercedes Cyborg Sensation Vehicle is Derek Chik Kin Ng and through this project he showed us a lot of ingenuity.

The designer said that this Mercedes Cyborg Sensation Vehicle will provide the perfect symbiosis between man and machine and is dedicated to the professional young people’s willing for adventure. This two seats off roader doesn’t have analog controls and the propulsion system is at least revolutionary and above that the design you see in the pictures makes you wonder how this car steer, take curves.

If we are still talking about the design, Derek Chik Kin Ng (car designer) said that the direct inspiration for this Mercedes Cyborg Sensation Vehicle was Mercedes F400. Looking at the pictures and writing these words I have one question in my mind, I wonder how many years will pass until we will see something like that on the streets.

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