June 16, 2024

Mercedes reavealed the E-Klasse Cabrio Prime Edition

Mercedes thought a special version for the E-Klasse Cabrio, named Prime Edition. The limited edition comes with a range of aesthetic and technical improvements. Mercedes continues the series of premieres started in Geneva with a special edition of the E-Klasse Cabrio. The first limited interpretation to the German convertible is called “Prime Edition” and comes with a number of aesthetic enhancements, designed to make the E-Klasse Cabrio a more attractive car.

At the exterior, Prime Edition is individualized by the body painted in “Tenorite Grey” color, matching perfectly with the 18-inch wheels, with AMG origins.

The customizing continues also inside, where the interior received footprint of “Designo” division, specializing in custom modifications of Mercedes models. Customers will enjoy a perforated leather in two colors, black and white, individual rear seats and electrically adjustable. To these we add the Agility Control package, which will adjust the behavior of the vehicle on the road.

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