June 14, 2024

Opel Astra 1.3 CDTi ecoFlex gets a Start/Stop system

The German officials from Opel decided to introduce the Start/Stop system on the new Astra, more exactly the 1.3-liter CDTi ecoFlex engine gets the new system able to improve the fuel consumption but also the CO2 emissions. Don’t forget we talk about the most eco-Friendly version of the German model, thus, the figures will be very impressive.

Opel Astra ecoFlex
Opel Astra ecoFlex

Even the power output is not too impressive, the Opel Astra fitted with the 1.3-liter CDTi ecoFlex engine offering just 95 horsepower and 190 Nm of torque, Opel announced a fuel consumption of just 3,9 liters/100 km and 104 g/km CO2 emissions. If we compare the new model equipped with the Start/Stop system with the standard one we observe an improved fuel consumption of 0,2 l/km.

Additional improvements were taken such as new tires with a low rolling resistance but also a lowered ground clearance. Currently we don’t have the price details of the new versions but you can request it at any dealership near you.

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