June 15, 2024

Opel introduces a 190HP diesel engine for Insignia at Paris

The manufacturer in Russelsheim decided to extend the range of engines for the current generation of Opel Insignia. The model will benefit from a new diesel engine, the 2.0 CDTI biturbo propeller that will debut on the Insignia at the French Auto Show that is about to begin at the end of this month.

Opel Insignia
Opel Insignia

The Germans at Opel decided to introduce the new engine in the Insignia’s range in order to provide a more powerful engine for the people complaining that the current engine range of Insignia doesn’t meet the requirments of all the customers.

The 2.0 CDTI 190 horsepower engine is borrowed from Fiat, people at Fiat Powertrain Technologies planning to launch a new diesel engine next year, capable to develop even more horsepower. The Italians at Fiat are thinking at a TST engine capable to deliver more than 190 horsepower, more exactly 210 horses, but this engine may be introduced by Fiat in 2011.

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