May 18, 2024

Peugeot Leonin

Peugeot Leonin

The car in this picture is the Peugeot Leonin concept, an interesting design from the French company.

Basically, the idea of the designer is that the car should be a hybrid with a battery under the hood and the motor at the read of the car. Because more and more people are buying vehicles, this car would be perfect for a crowded city. The Peugeot Leonin concept could reach speeds of around 160 km/h hour or 100 mph. The main materials which could be used for this project are carbon fiber and glass, but this is still just a concept. Like many other futuristic cars, the look is still pretty unfamiliar, but I am sure that this car would be able to achieve a great success in a few years. more pictures after the jump

You should also notice the idea that the designer had for the car’s door.

Peugeot LeoninPeugeot Leonin

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  • just was around July 1, 2009


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