April 22, 2024

McLaren’s MP4-12C may be going 2+2

German magazine AutoBild recently stated that the infamous British automotive performance company, McLaren, is considering a 2+2 setup for it’s upcoming supercar. In keeping with their philosophy such a decision would have to go through some consideration, engineering and reengineering before a final decision would be made on such a possibility.

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Chrysler recall of 25000 Dodge and Jeep vehicles

It would seem that the problem of unintentional accelerations is still haunting us as Chrysler announced today that it is recalling some 25,000 Dodge and Jeep vehicles to fix a sticking gas pedal issue. The troublesome pedals in the Chrysler vehicles apparently are made by the same supplier involved in a much larger recall of

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General Motors

U.S. Treasury hires lead bank for General Motors IPO

As announced yesterday, GM will soon have a bank’s support in their attempt at getting the public listing they have been seeking for quite some time. The announcement of a choice being made came even sooner then expected as today the U.S. Treasury made public the name of the bank chosen for the task at

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Bentley Luxury Cars

Bentley considering a shooting brake model

Back at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera unveiled a Bentley Continental-based station wagon which is mostly known to luxury automakers as “shooting brake.” And to justify the stunned crowds the Italian coachbuilder announced that they will be making 20 units of this car to be sold for a princely sum

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Panoz Abruzzi teaser

Panoz is a special American car manufacturer that isn’t very well known even amongst the aficionados of motor vehicles. Nevertheless they are responsible for vehicles such as the Esperante and the AIV Roadster and have a bit of history and tradition at a motor racing event called 24 hours of Le Mans.

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A special Fiat 500 will celebrate sales of half a million

The Fiat 500 has been revived by the Italian automaker about two and a half years ago yet there is a celebration under way. It’s not the usual “half birthday” most kids would have in mind, actually it’s not the usual celebration in any way.

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