May 24, 2024

Chevrolet Corvette sales get back on their feet

Even tho’ the Chevrolet Corvette is a pretty capable machine, the recent crisis of the automotive industry and the problem of rising fuel costs have really hit it hard. Therefore, the fastest American made production car has been steadily dropping sales for several months but it seems 2011 brought a change in trends.

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More sales records: Skoda

Overall, I’d say the VW Group isn’t one for financial issues at the end of 2010. Not only have Audi’s sales reached a personal best we’ve now heard much of the same from Skoda. The Czechs have something to be proud of. Just as the Germans how own their company have as well.

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Porsche sales keep growing

One would think that as an after thought of the financial crisis people would still be careful with their expenses and so on. But no, the entire automotive market is registering growth. Further more, Porsche is having an immense sales boost from last quarter.

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General Motors

GM China stands to sell more than GM USA

After quite a bit of a shock to come from the automotive industry not that long ago here’s another. A subsidiary company of GM could achieve something different, they might sell more cars than the parent company in the states.

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Ford Nissan Toyota

May brings along a rise in Hybrid sales

May seems to have become hybrid awareness month as sales of these cars soared the past month and have been the best since last August. As always, leaders of the market have been the Toyota Prius and the Ford Fusion hybrid.

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Honda will try to meet Chinese strikers demands

Honda have announced the plan that’s destined to get its Chinese employees back to work and all it’s plants in the People’s Republic up and running again. The workers that staged a walk out that lead to the closing of four Honda plants in China have been demanding an increase of over 50 per cent

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