May 19, 2024

Sketches with a never ever seen MG sports car

As the title says, we got some very interesting sketches with a never ever seen sport car coming from the MG auto maker. There are more of them and not just one as it is usually happening so you can see this car from any angle excluding the interior, you can also see that one

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Chevrolette is getting ready to build a mid-engined Corvette C8

As you can see in the title, we know what plans got the Chevrolet for the best car they every built namely the Corvette. In the photo from this post you are seeing the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept which is also looking very good and I think you remember it as the Sideswipe personage from

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Concept Cars

Spy shots and details about the 2011 Pagani C9

Here we have the best spy shots in the past time that we’ve seen and I bet that you will appreciate them very much because of the details that they are revealing caused by the distance that the photos were taken and also because it was not on the road and it is not camouflaged.

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Spy photos with Ferrari 599 GTO

I must say that I’m very surprised to see this Ferrari 599 GTO spied because for me is like seeing a super star naked. As you see, it doesn’t really have a camouflage, it looks to have something white on it but it is curved so well that it is like it’s not there.

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Photo and details with Audi TT RS tuned by Pogea

The supercars are tuned as they get out of the factory but as you see, there are some maniacs like the tuners from Pogea which probably are not yet satisfied what this Audi TT RS can do or probably they wanted to put their fingerprint on this car, anyway, they made a quite a good

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Lexus SC rendering photo

I must say that I don’t know why, but I like very much this time before launching a car namely that part when all you got about that car is the name of the car and of course, the most important, the rendering photo / photos with the namely car, in this case, we talk

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