May 24, 2024
Featured Opel Technology

Opel ADAM Offers Wireless Phone Charger

Opel will start to offer a wireless way of charging the mobile phone. It will be available in the ADAM’s

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BMW Featured Videos

2017 BMW M5 Filmed On Nurburgring

The next BMW M5 has been caught on Ring, tested to its limits. The main problem, looking at the clip

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Opel Technology Videos

Opel Will Publish Its Cars’ Real Fuel Consumption

Opel becomes more transparent. Starting this summer, besides the official CO2 information and the consumption figures, they will also publish

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UK: 58 Percent Of Cars Sold Last Year Have Autonomous Safety System

Interesting fact: over fifty percent of the cars sold in UK are being equipped with autonomous safety technology. It seems

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Auto Shows Mazda

Mazda MX-5 Wins Two Prestigious Trophies

It is the first time in history when a car wins both titles the same time: the World Car of

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Motorcycles Videos

Samsung Smart Windshield: Guardian Angel Or Demon?

Are you a motorcyclist? If you are, this story could be quite interesting for you: Samsung has unveiled a windshield

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Electric Cars Hyundai

Hyundai Fuel Cell Used As Electricity Generator

What if a car could change its purpose, from transporting people and objects, to producing electricity, water and heat? Could

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