Lotus reveals the Exige S Club Racer

Lotus unveiled a special edition of the Exige S, a model that comes with improved performance and minor styling tweaks. The Lotus Exige S Club Racer stands out thanks to the new yellow or white exterior finishes as well as revised bumpers, rear wing and side mirrors. More important, the British company managed to make [...]

Lotus Exige S Automatic introduced

The British folks at Lotus announced their intentions to introduce the Exige S Automatic. The new model gains a six-speed automatic transmission for extra £2,000. Usually, sports car use manual gearboxes but if you are interested in an automatic variant, you can get it starting January. According to the company, the new transmission comes with [...]

Lotus Motorcycles C-01 Ready to Hit the Roads

With the Lotus Motorcycles C-01 being already leaked in images some time ago, we used to questions ourselves if this sport cruise superbike would actually see the day on the roads. Well, now it is official that the Lotus Motorcycles C-01 will be coming with different colors, including the classic gold and black schemes, as [...]

Lotus C-01 pictures

When Lotus first announced their intention of building a bike, people were a bit unsure about this move, and information was slow to emerge. But in a recent spur, we got to admire some high res pictures of the Lotus C-01, and I, for one, am quite impressed. But after the initial shock of the [...]

The 007 submarine Lotus Esprit found an owner

Not long ago, we were talking about a unique Lotus Esprit going on auction at the RM auction house. Used on the set of a James Bond movie, this Particular Esprit was a fully functional submarine, and now is a very special memorabilia. The winner of the auction and new owner of the 007 Lotus [...]

Lotus C-01 bike rendered

Not so long ago, Lotus shocked when they announced they would be stepping into the motorcycle making industry. And while this is new ground for them, expectations are running high for the British car maker. The news came with a teaser image that showed us next to nothing. While we will have to wait for [...]

James Bond Lotus Esprit submarine to be auctioned

Agent 007 has made quite a lot of fans over the years and the many movies released. And while the actor changed several times, the general charm of the character was kept. The movie series also got plenty of fans from the car enthusiasts pool, mainly because of the wild cars used by James Bond. [...]

Lotus C-01: the first ever motorbike from the company

Nowadays, most car makers are diversifying their vehicle line-up. This is a sane move, as the Chinese market is seeing a full bloom and the world starts to recover from the economic crisis. And while most are either going for SUVs or electric cars, Lotus decided to get into the bike building industry. Their first [...]

Lotus recalls several Evora units

There are a lot of different reason to recall a vehicle, some more serious than the other. While it is easy to understand why you would recall a car over brake failure, some other issues need a little explaining. This is the case with 28 Lotus Evoras, which are being recalled because a certain sticker [...]

Lotus Evora Sports Racer arrives in the UK at £57,900

The British people from Lotus unveiled a special edition of the well-known Evora supercar for the local market. They also reveal full details and pricing for the new model. The new Lotus Evora Sports Racer benefits from the optional Sports Pack which adds a new rev limit, improved throttle response, a high-performance brake system and [...]

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